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Medicaid Figures in Minnesota

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The Minnesota Medicaid program will not cover long-term care services for those with home equity above this limit, with certain exceptions. A home includes the primary homestead and all contiguous property connected to it.

The Minnesota Medicaid program can recoup expenses through an estate recovery program, even if you qualify for Medicaid. Learn everything there is to know about Medicaid figures in Minnesota to improve your status and qualify easily!

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Estate Recovery

Minnesota has expanded the definition of "estate" beyond the probate estate, making many assets available for recovery after the Medicaid recipient passes away.


Minnesota has a limited hardship provision in their estate recovery program, but the best way to avoid estate recovery is through a Medicaid asset preservation plan that eliminates the possibility of recovery.

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Minnesota is a one-half deduction state that counts all countable assets on the "Snapshot Date" and divides them between both spouses, regardless of ownership if there is a spouse still living in the community.  This is used to determine the Community Spouse Resource Allowance (CSRA).  Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services sets the Minimum and Maximum CSRA each year, which Minnesota follows.  The following are the limits for 2022:


Minimum: $27,480

Maximum: $137,400

Minnesota lets the Community Spouse keep a portion of the patient's income if they do not have enough income bring them up to the Minimum Monthly Maintenance Needs Allowance (MMNA).  Minnesota allows for a larger income allowance if there are additional expenses for housing or care costs.  The 2022 MMNA limits are:


Minimum: $2,178

Maximum: $3,435

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$8,781 ($288.69 per day) - Figure used to calculate transfer penalties


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$111 - Monthly personal needs allowance for nursing home residents

Minnesota is not an "income cap" state.

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$3,000 - Resource limit for LTC Medicaid applicants with no community spouse.

IRAs and other retirement plans are not protected.

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